OK2BME is a set of support services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning (LGBTQ) kids and teens in the Waterloo Region.

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80s Dance Party with Smile ‘n Wave

Join us for an 80s Dance Party featuring Southern Ontario’s #1 80s New Wave cover band, Smile’n’Wave — all in support of KW Counselling Services.

Youth Group: Sex & Tech (age 15-18)

Staff from ACCKWA will join us to talk about healthy relationships, sex and the internet. Guests from ACCKWA will share about social media, apps, technology and dating.

Youth Group: Consent 101 (age 15-18)

Staff from the Sexual Assault Support Centre Male Allies program are coming to chat about consent, boundaries and healthy relationships.

Youth Group: Campfire Stories (age 12-18)

Tonight is a potluck: feel free to bring a snack to share. We will sit around the ‘campfire’ at KW Counselling Services and share stories, play games, and hang out.

Youth Group: Slam Poetry (age 12-14)

We will hear from a local Queer artist about writing and performing slam poetry. Youth will have a chance to ask questions and learn more about slam!

Youth Group: Stand Up Comedy (age 12-14)

Join us to hear some jokes, share a few laughs and learn more! A local Queer artist will come to share about writing and performing stand-up comedy.

Day of Silence 2018

Silence can create change!

That’s why every year hundreds of thousands of students across the world take a vow of silence on a Friday in April.

Becoming an LGBTQ+-Inclusive Agency: Bill C-16, An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code

In this workshop, participants will learn about key practices to creating an inclusive and supportive workplace for LGBTQ+ employees. Participants will be provided with information about Bill C-16, its implications for Canadian workplaces, and suggestions for application.

Youth Group: LGBTQ+ Films (age 12-14)

Come to learn more about filmmaking, representation and creativity. Local artists will share about social justice and LGBTQ+ film projects.


Key Clinical Practices for supporting Transgender Individuals

Participants in this training will gain an understanding of Affirmative Therapy, which will provide information about how to support transgender clients in an affirming and inclusive way through the application of therapeutic frameworks that are trauma informed and can be easily applied in combination with any therapeutic approach.

Latest News & Blog

Let’s Talk About Suicide

Let’s Talk About Suicide

This blog post is about suicide. It can be a hard topic so if you are not looking for a hard topic at the moment do not read on.

Let’s Talk About Self Harm

Let’s Talk About Self Harm

We have probably all known someone who uses self harming as a coping mechanism but we don’t always know how to talk about.

So let’s talk about it.

Thank You, Marsh!

Thank You, Marsh!

We are very grateful to our new friends at Marsh Canada for donating gifts to the members of our OK2BME Youth Group this holiday season!

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