These blog posts are a combination of OK2BME news and personal stories written by youth and teens in the OK2BME program. If you would like to write a personal story for our blog, please contact Scott at

Alex, Age 18, Lesbian

It was a typical love story, the one where that girl catches your eye and it’s love at first sight. I just didn’t know it could involve two girls.

Christin, Age 15

I realized that I was bisexual when I was in Seventh grade. I was so scared to tell people that I’m bi. But I figured that they had the right to know. I finally just told my friends and my mom that I’m bi and they are all perfectly okay with it.

Anonymous, Age 16, Bisexual

I come from an all conservative family, with the exception of my father and I. Growing up, I never knew about their thoughts and beliefs on anything political or taboo. But once I hit puberty, everything was exposed to me all at once.

Kian Brooks, Age 14, Gay

Usually everyday first day for me started out normal. But when I got to grade nine, it had a huge impact on my life. I always had a feeling I was gay, but never knew for sure, until I reached grade nine, and saw who was in all my classes. Then I knew for sure. It was a really hard decision to come to, but I knew it was right.

Koyo, Age 13

I hate that just because of my sexuality someone who used to be close to me now hates me. My own cousin hates me because I’m me. He constantly bullies me about it, and calls me hurtful words. I wish he’d just let me be and worry about his own life.

Tori, Age 16, Bisexual

So it all started back in grade seven, I never really thought much of it but realized I was taking interest in both genders. I had told my best friend realizing she was bi as well and she accepted me with open arms. Until elementary school was finished I didn’t think much of it but when high school hit it was getting hard.

Daniel, Age 15, Transman

I came out the year I moved out of my home town, and everything seemed to fall apart and go downhill from there. Any friends I had made in the few weeks before gathering my guts up, and spewing my gender identity on them, left me, I started the school year without anyone by my side.

Shelby Dreesen, Age 15, Lesbian

So one day I’m sitting in class (I was in grade four at the time) looking at girls thinking they’re kinda cute. I keep thinking about the girls when I get home, saying to myself okay this is confusing. For a while I always thought I was straight, but I could never keep my eyes off girls. I’m thinking what the heck is wrong with me?