We are excited to announce a new series of Rainbow Parenting Workshops

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Thanks to the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, in the Spring of 2016 we were able to provide a series of four workshops designed to address the unique challenges that may face the LGBTQ+ family.  Within a positive and open environment, parents and caregivers learned practical skills to:

  • Encourage open communication
  • Support and guide the emotional experiences of children and teens
  • Provide positive structure and limits that will help kids flourish

Sessions included a presentation of key parenting concepts as well as discussion and small group activity geared toward the specific theme of the workshop.  Parents and caregivers had the opportunity to connect, share resources and strategies and learn from each other.

We are pleased that a four-week Rainbow Parenting course is now a staple of our Parenting with Passion roster and all of our Parenting with Passion courses and workshops are LGBTQ+ friendly.

Please visit the Parenting with Passion site for the most up to date course listing or contact 519.884.0000 x248 or parenting@kwcounselling.com to register.