OK2BME is a set of support services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning (LGBTQ) kids and teens in the Waterloo Region.

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Public Education: Key Clinical Practices for supporting Transgender Individuals

Participants in this training will gain an understanding of Affirmative Therapy, which will provide information about how to support transgender clients in an affirming and inclusive way through the application of a therapeutic frameworks that are trauma informed and can be easily applied in combination with any therapeutic approach.

All OK2BME Youth Groups (ages 12-18): Swimming

All Groups Swimming!

Public Education: Supporting LGBTQ2+ Students’ Success in Schools

This workshop will provide participants an opportunity to understand the unique needs and experiences of LGBTQ2+ students in the school system.

OK2BME Youth Group (ages 15-18): Who Are We?

Who are we and what are our goals? (discussion about all the different parts of our identities)

OK2BME Youth Group (ages 12-14): Drag Makeup Tutorial

Drag Makeup Tutorial

Coming Out Day 2019

It was founded in 1988 and it recognizes members of the LGBTQ2+ community and the process of coming out.

OK2BME Youth Groups (ages 12-18): Halloween Costume Party

Halloween Costume Party

OK2BME Halloween Youth Dance

This a youth dance (Grade 7-12) for LGBTQ2+ youth and their allies.

OK2BME Youth Group (ages 15-18): Crafting Night

Crafting Night

OK2BME Youth Group (ages 12-14): Interfaith Panel

Interfaith Panel

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Back to School!

Back to School!

OK2BME hopes your school year is going well so far and we wanted to share a couple of items to help make it even better.

Call For 2020 Workshop Presenters

Call For 2020 Workshop Presenters

We are looking for workshop facilitators or presenters on topics that educate, inspire and connect LGBTQ2+ youth from grades 7 to 12 in Waterloo Region.

Local Trainers, Speakers and Consultants on LGBTQ2+ Issues

Local Trainers, Speakers and Consultants on LGBTQ2+ Issues

Are you someone who delivers LGBTQ2+ Education Services in Waterloo Region? Or do you do cool workshops to support LGBTQ2+ Youth? Than this blog post is for you!

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