OK2BME is a set of support services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning (LGBTQ) kids and teens in the Waterloo Region.

Upcoming Events

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Cambridge Youth Group (ages 13-18) – Costume Party

Tonight we’ll be having a Halloween Costume Party!

Youth Group: Religion and Spirituality: LGBTQ+ Perspectives (age 12-14)

Local LGBTQ+ folks will come to share their experiences with religion, spirituality and identity. Youth will have a chance to ask questions and hear about real stories from guests.

Youth Group (ages 15-18): Politics and Activism

Let’s talk Politics and community activism!

Cambridge Youth Group (ages 13-18) – Healthy Relationships and Holigay Party Planning

Tonight we’ll have a guest from SHORE to help us talk about healthy relationships, and we’ll begin planning our Holigay Party!

Transgender Day of Remembrance 2018

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is held each November 20th to memorialize those people whose lives have been lost in acts of anti-transgender violence.

Youth Group: Ask a Queer (age 12-14)

Local LGBTQ+ community members will come and talk about their experiences, with lots of time for open discussion. Youth can come with any questions, such as coming out, finding jobs, moving out, etc.

Youth Group (ages 15-18): Holigay Planning!

Tonight we’ll be planning our Holigay Party!

Cambridge Youth Group (ages 13-18) – Discussion Night and Holigay Party Planning

Tonight we’ll have a discussion on a TBD topic and continue planning our Holigay Party!

Supporting LGBTQ+ Students Success in Schools

This workshop will provide participants an opportunity to understand the unique needs and experiences of LGBTQ+ students in the school system.

Youth Group: Ask a Social Worker (age 12-14)

Have questions for a social worker? Here is your chance to ask!

Latest News & Blog

Sanguen PrEP Clinic

Sanguen PrEP Clinic

As of November 12, 2018 Sanguen will be hosting a PrEP clinic in Waterloo.

11 Things your School’s GSA can do!

11 Things your School’s GSA can do!

Exciting News for Cambridge

Exciting News for Cambridge

We are excited to announce a new OK2BME Youth Group in Cambridge!

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