10 Things You Can Do Until We Meet Again, By Washington Silk



I hope you are all doing well. We are doing well and are taking some precautions to make sure that the community continues to stay well. So, as you already know, all groups and face to face counselling (including the Walk In Counselling Clinic) are currently on hold. But, we as a community are not on hold!

We encourage you to check in with your friends and family online or via phone, implementing social distancing. To encourage you to stay at home but remain connected we have created a top ten list of things you can do until we can meet again!


  1. Nominate yourself or your GSA for some free money! https://ok2bme .ca/2020-ok2bme-scholarships/
  2. Get your tickets for Pride Prom in Cambridge May 8th and Kitchener May 28th! The event is free but you must get your tickets in advance. At the moment we still plan to go ahead with these events but will keep you posted if anything changes.
  3. Learn about Waterloo Region’s local queer history. Did you know that the first pride event in Waterloo Region happened in 1995? Or that Sir Kitchener might not have been so straight? You can learn about our local history here from the Grand River Rainbow Historical Project. They have records that date back to 1970.
  4. If reading isn’t your style, maybe check out these videos from I’m from Driftwood: The LGBTQ Story Archive. This project collected true stories from all over the world to help individuals feel connected and break down barriers.
  5. Are you missing your history class yet? We’ve got you covered for some Canadian History they might not teach you in school. Did you know about Canada’s history of purging queer people from the military and public service? This was a big part of Trudeau’s apology to the community but I think it is often a forgotten part of Canadian history. There is a new documentary out this year called The Fruit Machine. It is totally free and you can check it out here:
  6. Check out this short video, “Two Spirit”- Injunuity. It is a short engaging video for students to learn about what being Two Spirit means from a First Nations Perspective. If you liked the video and want to learn more we recommend checking out We Are Part of A Tradition: A Guide On Two-Spirited People for First Nations Communities
  7. For some affirmation and cuteness check out this game: A Queer Trans Mentally Ill Power Fantasy Game at
  8. So, the KPL, Idea Exchange and WPL might be closed but you can still get audio books! You can download the app Libby onto your phone to get access to free audio books, you just need to input your library card number. We have lots of LGBTQ2+ books and movies we recommend you check out:
  9. Ready for a new podcast or blog? Check out Black Girl Dangerous. It’s a space that amplifies the voices of queer and trans people of colour. We highly recommend it!
  10. Don’t forget a little self care and affirmation can go along way! You might recognize these from our Valentine’s Day card-making day but there is so much awesomeness to check out.


“We thought carefully about things we wished we had access to when we were struggling with our identities, or when we were struggling with the erasure, normativity, and violence in our everyday world… It is our hope that this deck finds its way to the hands of young queer and trans folks who might not otherwise have access to supportive communities.”

– “The Affirmations Deck”