Personal Stories

Acceptance, by Brent Querin

With each situation presented to you, you will learn a little bit about yourself. Being open towards others just may result in experience, growth and insight. Accepting people for who they are becomes easy when you realize that we all want to be desired, important, loved and supported. Every human is flawed in some form or fashion, no one is perfect. As much as we are the same, we are very different. There is no right and wrong when it comes down to how people think or act. There is only misunderstanding, assumptions, and judgments in all areas. You can never completely understand another person. You cannot just walk in another person’s shoes, you also have to think, feel, react and act in the same way. You cannot only look at that particular situation but what became of it and how they were affected by it and their actions.

Understanding others and their actions may be difficult and most of the time impossible but, understanding the facts of human nature and accepting others for who they are leads you to a better understanding of yourself. Since the society we live in is full of greed, selfishness and convenience this leads towards impatience and rudeness. The value of each person diminishes with each false ideal obtained. Today people in general are more and more hiding behind their own barriers to protect their identity because they are afraid of the reactions from their surroundings. People fear being themselves because they may not be the same or they may be vulnerable. When you refuse to be open and accept others for who they are you could be missing out on a relationship that could impact and improve your life. Permitting unconditional love and support towards others in the act of acceptance is the key to a brighter future.