Personal Stories

Alex, Age 18, Lesbian


It was a typical love story, the one where that girl catches your eye and it’s love at first sight. I just didn’t know it could involve two girls.

She walked into the caf and sat down at my table. All I could say was, “wow she’s cute.” Of course in my head! I didn’t really know what I was feeling, I was confused what did this mean? I like a girl? What? No I can’t I’m a girl. I let it go and just got to know her we became best friends instantly inseparable where ever I was she was, where ever she was I was. Her mom a very religious women never approved our friendship. She was convinced I was a lesbian. I told my mom I thought I was bi, she and my dad had known for the longest time.

FML everyone knew it before me!

My feelings grew for her. I started telling people including her that I was bi. Everyone was cool with this even her so I finally admitted it. I told her I had feelings for her. We dated for a year and three months. All I know is it was love and love is never wrong; two boys, two girls, a boy and girl love is love.

Today I’m out to everyone living my life as me, a lesbian. This was never a choice and it has nothing to do with who I am as a person. And until people can understand that there will always be hate and fear towards LGBTQ… But never let anything stop you from being you! It will always be OK to be you.

This could have been a typical love story but it turns out it was my coming out story and now I’m living my story and I have yet to find out how it ends.