Personal Stories

Anonymous, Age 15, Bisexual

I think that a lot of times we are told to be brave. We are told to be brave, and have confidence in ourselves, and not be afraid of what others think. But when you put yourself out there in a way that you are exposed and vulnerable, what others are thinking may be the least of your worries. In fact, many people will tell you what they think to your face. THAT is scary. It is scary to face the world every day when people say horrible things to you and treat you as if your life is worth less than those of others.

But maybe it doesn’t always have to be about being confident. Bravery doesn’t always have to come from you. It can come from those around you. I believe that when you see a supportive group from your school who face those people every day, and remain just as strong and confident, it can give YOU the bravery it is giving them. And when you are brave, it can give them bravery back. I think that if we are all brave for each other, the thoughts and words of others can be a little less scary. I believe that if I can find a web of confidence and support, I can find the bravery to speak in front of my school about issues facing the LGBT community and not be so scared of what others will think or say or feel. I thank those who are already giving me support, even though they may not know that they are. THAT is bravery.