Personal Stories

Arielle, Age 19, Lesbian

I always figured I was because I would only notice girls. Last summer I met this girl at my summer job I thought she was cute so I started talking to her. I found out she was a lesbian also and we started dating it was awesome. The only people that knew I was a lesbian were my friends, I didn’t tell my family because they are very religious and they would judge me. My parents found out about our relationship and they started treating me like I had a disease, the only person that treated me the same was my little brother. About two months after they found out she decided to break up with me because of my family constantly harassing me and her. Now seven months later nothing has changed between my family and me and on top of that I’m alone. I don’t know which is worse, my family hating me or being without her… I hope that later in the future we can get back together. 🙂