These blog posts are a combination of OK2BME news and personal stories written by youth and teens in the OK2BME program. If you would like to write a personal story for our blog, please contact Scott at

Back to School!, By Washington Silk

OK2BME hopes your school year is going well so far and we wanted to share a couple of items to help make it even better.

Back to School! blog post

Call For 2020 Workshop Presenters, by Wash Silk & Rebecca Roessler

We are looking for workshop facilitators or presenters on topics that educate, inspire and connect LGBTQ2+ youth from grades 7 to 12 in Waterloo Region.

Call For 2020 Workshop Presenters blog post

Local Trainers, Speakers and Consultants on LGBTQ2+ Issues, By Washington Silk

Are you someone who delivers LGBTQ2+ Education Services in Waterloo Region? Or do you do cool workshops to support LGBTQ2+ Youth? Than this blog post is for you!

Local Trainers, Speakers and Consultants on LGBTQ2+ Issues blog post

Study on LGBTQ2 Health in Canada, By Washington Silk

On May 7, 2019, two OK2BME team members, Washington Silk and Scott Williams, went to Ottawa to speak to the House of Commons of Canada’s Standing Committee on Health.

Study on LGBTQ2 Health in Canada blog post

An Enchanted Forest, By Members of the GSA Squad

As part of the OK2BME Youth Leadership Group (aka the GSA Squad) we are in charge of picking the theme, deciding on the poster, making the decorations and organizing the overall experience for the Pride Prom. We meet together every other Tuesday to make decisions, discuss plans and sometimes just eat pizza. The leadership group gives us a place to work with others and give back to the community. Having youth plan youth events helps to make the events more interesting and appropriate while also giving the youth a chance to be involved.

An Enchanted Forest blog post

Big White Wall

Big White Wall is an online platform designed to allow for peers to support one another with mental wellbeing questions and concerns.

WWLHIN Trans Health Fact Sheet, by Scott Williams

We are proud to have collaborated with the Waterloo Wellington LHIN to create a new Trans Health fact sheet!

WWLHIN Trans Health Fact Sheet blog post

We Love Supporting Local GSAs!, by Scott Williams

What’s a GSA, you ask? It stands for Gay-Straight Alliance, or sometimes Gender and Sexuality Awareness.

We Love Supporting Local GSAs! blog post