Personal Stories

These blog posts were written by youth and teens in the OK2BME program. They give us a glimpse into the lives of young rainbow people and help us to understand why programs like OK2BME and school GSAs are important. If you would like to write a personal story for our blog, please contact Scott at

Koyo, Age 13

I hate that just because of my sexuality someone who used to be close to me now hates me. My own cousin hates me because I’m me. He constantly bullies me about it, and calls me hurtful words. I wish he’d just let me be and worry about his own life.

Tori, Age 16, Bisexual

So it all started back in grade seven, I never really thought much of it but realized I was taking interest in both genders. I had told my best friend realizing she was bi as well and she accepted me with open arms. Until elementary school was finished I didn’t think much of it but when high school hit it was getting hard.

Daniel, Age 15, Transman

I came out the year I moved out of my home town, and everything seemed to fall apart and go downhill from there. Any friends I had made in the few weeks before gathering my guts up, and spewing my gender identity on them, left me, I started the school year without anyone by my side.

Shelby Dreesen, Age 15, Lesbian

So one day I’m sitting in class (I was in grade four at the time) looking at girls thinking they’re kinda cute. I keep thinking about the girls when I get home, saying to myself okay this is confusing. For a while I always thought I was straight, but I could never keep my eyes off girls. I’m thinking what the heck is wrong with me?

Sarah Campbell, Age 18, Lesbian

I am an openly gay individual in my present high school and I cannot tell you how much I love it! Basically, I have known that I was different throughout my childhood and just recently, in the last six months that I have been introduced to the gay community.

Arielle, Age 19, Lesbian

I always figured I was because I would only notice girls. Last summer I met this girl at my summer job I thought she was cute so I started talking to her. I found out she was a lesbian also and we started dating it was awesome. The only people that knew I was a lesbian were my friends, I didn’t tell my family because they are very religious and they would judge me.

Love is Love, by Alex D'Silva

I live each day in silence. Truth is some days I hate being gay; I’m sick of having to put up with ignorant/homophobic people’s gay bashing day in and day out. Well I’m done being silent I’ve got something to say!

Dear people that are queer and out

I love people that are out. No matter if your are male, female or trans. Just about most queers have some kind of impact on me. Most queers inspire me just by being queer. It is so nice to see other queers out there. It helps me feel less alone and it makes me feel proud to be a queer myself.