Personal Stories

These blog posts were written by youth and teens in the OK2BME program. They give us a glimpse into the lives of young rainbow people and help us to understand why programs like OK2BME and school GSAs are important. If you would like to write a personal story for our blog, please contact Scott at

Acceptance, by Brent Querin

With each situation presented to you, you will learn a little bit about yourself. Being open towards others just may result in experience, growth and insight. Accepting people for who they are becomes easy when you realize that we all want to be desired, important, loved and supported.

Half boy-half girl

I want to be half boy, half girl
I like certain parts, and not others
I like my rough boy’s frame,
I hate my boyish scraggly arms…

That’s So Wrong, by Caity Rogers

Picture yourself walking down the halls. You feel uncomfortable in your surroundings when every five steps you hear people insulting you without thought. For some students, direct insults may be a regular experience, but for you it’s different. Because you hear other students casually describing some problem or situation using language that just happens to be slapping you in the face every time.