Fools in Love, by Wash Silk



My name is Wash and I recently started as the Public Educator for OK2BME! If you ever got the chance to meet Melissa Sky (she used to work in this role) she will missed for all the great work she did and I am excited join the work.

One of the first things I got to do was work at the OK2BME table at the Fools in Love Semi-Formal at Cameron Heights last Friday April 1st.

Back in my day, you know…when you had to walk both ways uphill to school in a snow storm, we had nothing like the Semi-Formal. I did not come of the closet until after high school and in fact the first time I got to go to a “Gay Dance” it was outside of down, down a dirt road at a rented community hall when I was in university. I thought it was wonderful that it existed, like I had discovered my own little world and community where I could dance with both sparkles and a tie!

On Friday you all blew me away. The Semi-Formal was so beautiful and well-organized! You had great music and even painted a little sign for OK2BME.  The outfits were wonderful, from colourful dresses to sparkly bow ties.  The conversations I had were amazing!  You all asked brilliant questions and were brave enough to come up to the booth and play a game I invented, Unicorn Ball, with me. Trust me it’s awesome!

Wash at Semi Formal

We all need spaces where we can be ourselves, dance with who we like (or just by ourselves) without being worried about being judged. I was so happy and honoured to be a part of the little world you are creating where everyone is welcome to dance and hang out.

Dance on!


Washington P Silk