Personal Stories

Half boy-half girl

I want to be half boy, half girl
I like certain parts, and not others
I like my rough boy’s frame,
I hate my boyish scraggly arms,
I hate the way my hair falls into a part if I let it grow just a touch too long,
I hate the way my breasts hang heavy against my chest
But I love the way my waist curves in to part my womanly chest from my tight little boyish hips
I love the way my calves are curvy, and that I have ‘girlish’ legs
I hate the way my muscles refuse to grow, no matter how hard I work out
I like that I can be taken, as both a girl, and a boy,
And either way, I’m assumed to like girls
I’m either a straight boy, or a very gay girl
And yet it frustrates me when they assume I am one or the other, and I have no in between
Can I not be a girl down below and a boy up top, is that idea so hard to comprehend?
I’m not a boy, but I’m not a girl either,
I suppose I lay somewhere in the middle.