Personal Stories

Kian Brooks, Age 14, Gay

Usually everyday first day for me started out normal. But when I got to grade nine, it had a huge impact on my life. I always had a feeling I was gay, but never knew for sure, until I reached grade nine, and saw who was in all my classes. Then I knew for sure. It was a really hard decision to come to, but I knew it was right. After feeling comfortable with my sexuality, I told my best friend, I was sure she would understand, and she did, and then after mentioning it to others, it got out to my whole school. I didn’t understand how it could have gone that far, but it did, and I had no control over the outcome.

A few days later, I received dirty looks from everyone in the halls passing me by. Trust me it was not a good feeling. Names were being said, fights were breaking out, bashes as well, all of it hurt, but my friend was by me the whole way. I then told my sister, who accepted me with open arms, my mom and dad….not so much. After several days of fighting against them, my mom said I could no longer believe in god, because “we were made in god’s image, and being gay is wrong”. But what I don’t get, is we we’re always taught that god loved everyone for who they were. According to my mom, that’s not always the case.

It has been eight months since my school has found out, my parents barely talk to me, my “group” at school has totally changed, and I found myself asking myself, why did I have to be different? After going to a few GSA meetings at my school, I realized being gay is ok, who I love doesn’t matter, and I shouldn’t let others put me down for being myself. Thanks to GSA, and OK2BME, I am closer to being fully ok with my sexuality, And I know that, that will continue to grow bigger.