Local Trainers, Speakers and Consultants on LGBTQ2+ Issues, By Washington Silk

Hey Readers!

Are you someone who delivers LGBTQ2+ Education Services in Waterloo Region? Or do you do cool workshops to support LGBTQ2+ Youth? Than this blog post is for you!


As part of the Rainbow Community Council, OK2BME is working with a group of great folks to help create a resource — a list of local¬† speakers, consultants and trainers who work on LGBTQ2+ issues.

Our purpose is to enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing around LGBTQ2+ topics and issues, by identifying and promoting learning opportunities offered by individuals and organizations in Waterloo Region.

So we are currently compiling a list of local trainers, speakers, and consultants, which will be made publicly available. Gathering this information will allow agencies and other community groups and members to determine what options best meet their needs and which are the most accessible for them, based on their resources.

We are not vetting the trainers, speakers, and consultants, nor are we ranking them against each other. The list will simply compile the information we receive and it is up to the readers to investigate further. We hope this will help to highlight that there are many opportunities that exist in Waterloo Region for learning about LGBTQ2+ inclusion.


Please visit this site for more information and to complete the survey.