Personal Stories

Love is Love, by Alex D'Silva

I live each day in silence. Truth is some days I hate being gay; I’m sick of having to put up with ignorant/homophobic people’s gay bashing day in and day out. Well I’m done being silent I’ve got something to say!

I’ll never understand why you can be friends with someone and know they like you for being funny and nice, caring, helpful and what not but as soon as you let them know you are gay everything changes. They don’t want to be your friend they see you differently and so on, it’s like just because you’re gay all those things you were are gone, you’re not funny or caring, you’re not helpful or anything… Ok, wait a sec NOTHING has changed you are still you, your kind personality is still the same, it’s all the same except that you are attracted to the same sex and now your friend knows. What changed because I’m out? I don’t get it at all!!! I’m still the same person I was; you just knew less about me. So does that mean your friend should stop being friends with you? If he/she didn’t know you were gay they would still be your friend they would do the same things you two have always done; hugging, sleepovers, go shopping, to the movies… But if you tell them there is a chance they might disappear and not be friends with you, just because you like the same sex. Guess he/she wasn’t a true friend after all. It’s like, “hey mom there is something you don’t know about me, and yeah you should know everything being my mom and all so here it is…I’m gay.” Next thing you know mom telling you to get the F@$% out of her house. WHY? Because you are gay you are no longer her child, because you love the same sex she can’t love you? Or does all this go back to that damn book the Bible? God says this and God says that…so what God said he loves us all, ALL!

Why can’t anyone just see LOVE is LOVE there is nothing more to it, it’s just that SIMPLE. All you need is love; love fills the gap between all our differences. Love is keeping us together.