Outstanding GSA: Moffat Creek Public School, By OK2BME Staff

Congrats to Moffat Creek Public School for winning $500 to support their GSA Club! This award is sponsored by Libro Credit Union and the award is given to an outstanding GSA Club in Waterloo Region.



So what makes Moffat Creek so outstanding?! Check out the nomination from CYW Wendy Woodhall! Thank you to Wendy Woodhall, Moffat Creek and Libro Credit Union for working hard to support LGBTQ2+ students in Waterloo Region.


Nomination of Moffatt Creek by Wendy WoodHall:

I joined Moffat Creek’s GSA in January 2020 when I took over for the previous CYW.  There I met about five students who were seeking a safe space to be, and the one break per week provided that for them.

As I got to know those students, and we began talking about their experiences, many stories of daily bullying came out, from within the school from peers, but also in the community and in some cases, in the student’s own families.  

As we began to share, and draw strength from each other, the students got excited about growing the GSA, showing others how amazing they were as people and wanting to fight against bullying of members of the Rainbow Community, as our GSA likes to call ourselves.

The students began to plan for June Pride Month by doing mockups of possible posters, slogans and pictures they would put up in June.  They had plans for coloured popcorn and bracelets to raise money, chalk rainbows on the sidewalks and even wanted to greet students at the door dressed up in rainbow colours. Some wanted to go to the Tri-Pride Parade together.

They also did posters and announcements all week culminating with the whole school wearing pink for International Pink Shirt Day in February.  That also included a huge bulletin board for the GSA that hadn’t been done before.  They also advertised an event held by OK2BME for the community by putting up flyers in the hallways.

As time went on, more students began to come to GSA.  We discovered that most of the students loved ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, so each student wrote a letter with a drawing on the back to their favourite queen.  We met every break for 2-3 days a week for a few weeks, trying to get ‘The Book Of Queens’ finished.  We invited all other GSA’s in the region to join us and had KCI, Macgregor and Avenue Road contribute letters as well. I was to present the book to Derrick Barry during the curtain call of ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race Live’, in Las Vegas.  Instead, due to Covid19, the trip was cancelled.  Instead, the book was put into the mail for delivery and as of this moment, it has not yet reached Las Vegas.

We ended up with nineteen students in GSA before March Break and one day, three students came in very upset; crying and angry.  I sat us all down and we told our stories, and the kids supported each other.  That group came together that day with shows of love and compassion, reassurance, kindness and acceptance for each other.  The students created that.  Their burgeoning realization that there is nothing wrong with them, that they are strong together and can influence others and change the world was the highlight of my entire career working with kids.  It brought me to tears. The next week they wore stickers to school naming themselves as proud members of the Rainbow Community.

I am so proud of all the initiatives they did for the school and for each other in such a short time.  They contributed so much to each other and to other students and staff and I hope that in this time of uncertainty, those students are home right now, secure in the fact that, when school opens again, they will be right there, supporting and helping each other again.