Pride Prom 2016!, by Wash Silk

Dear OK2BME Community,

As many of you know last Saturday October 15th was Pride Prom! A High School student aged event where LGBTQ+ folks and their allies could come together to sparkle and shine with sweet dance moves and good conversations.

It was awesome. My favourite moment was when people came together for choreographed dance moves leaving me to wonder, are we in an episode of GLEE??!  I also loved the magic balloon unicorns youth trotted around in, thanks to the wonderful entertainer Mr. Drew Ripley.

The amazing youth at KYAC once again rocked at putting together a space for everyone that included safer space guidelines, gender neutral washrooms , a quiet room, amazing decoration, popcorn and water. Thanks KYAC!

We would like to share with you some pictures of the event. These pictures were taken by an official OK2BME photographer who did not take pictures of any youth who did not wish to have their picture taken.  If you see a picture we have shared that you would prefer we did not share just let us know and we will take it down. We love consent.

Don’t forget, if you are feeling a bit sad cause Pride Prom is over you can always come to our OK2BME youth group that happens every other Tuesday! You, of course, are welcome to wear glitter and dance!