Personal Stories

Ray, Age 14

I live in a community that is very accepting of LGBQT2+ people. When I was little, I didn’t really know about being gay or lesbian, all I was taught was that boys can marry boys, and girls can marry girls. My mom would say, “There was no barrier in love”. Then, in middle school, I began to like girls. One of my friends was very kind, smart, funny, and overall awesome. I had a crush on her. I asked her out, and she surprised me by saying she was lesbian, and she had liked me for a long time. Now we are dating. I told my mom, and she smiled and hugged me. My dad is more hesitant because he is protective, yet now he smiles too.

I am slowly trying to come out as bi, and thanks to my supporting community, I can now see a rainbow.

I’m thankful for the OK2BME website, because it is showing me that Love is Love. Be yourself.