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It’s OK2BME! LGBTQ2+ 101, Inclusion and Anti-Bullying

A Presentation for High School Students

In this video for high school students, Washington Silk, MSW, RSW and Mandi Cowan MSW, RSW from Camino Wellbeing + Mental Health’ OK2BME program, discuss LGBTQ2+ 101, inclusion and anti-bullying.

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Link to All You Need is Love: CONTENT WARNING Bullying, self harm, suicide


Teachers – Stop the Video at 11:50 and facilitate these debrief questions

1) Who is scared for her right now?
2) Who do you think could help her right now or at all? Who would be the safe adult?
3) What is like to see the world from this perspective?  What primary emotion did you feel watching the show?
4) If you were gay or trans would you feel welcome school?

5) What could be done to help make your school feel more welcome for LGBTQ2+ students?



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