LGBTQ2+ and Religion

The views that many faiths hold about the LGBTQ2+ communities have been talked about a lot lately.

Some faiths have welcomed the LGBTQ2+ communities and others have not. In some cases, individual congregations or spiritual leaders have expressed support for the LGBTQ2+ communities despite the views of others in their faith.

Some LGBTQ2+ people feel a lot of frustration and disappointment about the views that their faiths hold about LGBTQ2+ people. Some choose to stop practicing their faith because of those beliefs. Other LGBTQ2+ people choose to continue practicing their faith even if it is not supportive of LGBTQ2+ people because they find it rewarding in other ways.

Ultimately faith and spirituality are choices that you have to make for yourself.

Depending on where you live and what your faith is, it may be difficult for you to find a welcoming faith group or spiritual leader in your area. SPECTRUM’s Rainbow Pages has a section called “Faith/Spiritual Groups” that is a good place to start for those in the Waterloo Region. LGBTQ2+ and LGBTQ2-positive members of many faith groups have established virtual communities to provide support to LGBTQ2+ people around the world. If you are aware of a faith group that is LGBTQ2-positive and that we’ve forgotten to list, please let us know about it!

It may also be helpful for you to speak with a family member, counsellor, or someone else that you trust about your feelings about your spiritual or religious beliefs.