Media Resources

This is a list of books and DVDs that we have found to be helpful resources. You can sort the list by clicking on the various categories or grade levels. Click on the Read More button for more details. If you think we are missing a resource, please contact and we will look into adding it.

Type Title Categories Grade Level Description  
BookActing Out! Combating Homophobia Through Teacher ActivismAnti-Homophobia, Heterosexism, Homophobia, TeachersAll Grades

In this volume, teachers from urban, suburban, and rural districts join together in a teacher inquiry group to challenge homophobia…

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DVDLet’s Get RealAnti-Homophobia, Bullying, Human Rights, LGBTQ ExperiencesSecondary, Senior Elementary

Name-calling and bullying are at epidemic proportions among youth across the country, and are often the root causes of violence…

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DVDSticks and StonesAnti-Homophobia, Bullying, Language, Name CallingPrimary Elementary, Junior Elementary, Senior Elementary

Young children ages 5 to 12 describe how they feel when they hear put-downs of themselves or their families in…

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