Potential Obstacles

For LGBTQ2+ Communities

Attempting and Completing Suicide:

  • The link between experiencing homophobia and increased risk for attempting suicide is well established. In a review of six population-based surveys in the United States and Canada, Remafedi (1999) found that in all six attempted suicide rates were higher among LGB populations compared to their heterosexual peers (cited in Banks, 2003).
  • In one particularly well done study, authors identified that the rate of suicide attempts was 6.5 times higher in adult gay males than their heterosexual twin brothers. By comparing twin brothers, the authors were able to eliminate the effects of factors such as mental health, substance abuse, or numerous genetic and family experiences (Herrell, Goldberg, True, Ramakrishnan, Lyons, Eisen, and Tsuang, 1999, as cited in Banks, 2003).
  • Analysis of reports related to completed suicides indicates that 30% of all suicides are committed by members of the LGB communities. Suicide takes place among members of the LGB communities at a rate that is approximately six times that of heterosexual people (Banks, 2003).


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