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Title Description Categories Grade Level Strengths & Weaknesses  
“I Am Me” Poems

Using this template, students will write a poem and create a visually appealing display.

Activities, Gender IdentityJunior Elementary, Senior Elementary

The strength of this activity is that it allows students to share their identities with others and their teacher in order to build community.

A Teacher’s Guide to Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Terms

It covers LGBTQ2+ terms, LGBTQ2+ rights, preventing bullying, being an ally, supporting GSAs and creating inclusive classrooms for students of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

LGBTQ Resources, Running a GSA, TeachersAll Grades

Strong ideas on being an ally and how to support GSAs

Ally Yourself with LGBT Students: Tips for Teachers

LGBT-friendly actions teachers and school staff can take to turn their classroom and hallways into Safe Zones

Safe Spaces, School Administrators, TeachersAll Grades

Fairly simple

Canadian Olympic School Program

This program promotes LGBTQ Inclusion and respect in schools and sports. They have developed a number of resources in partnership with Egale Human Rights Trust and the Youth Can Play Project.

LGBTQ Resources, LGBTQ SportsSecondary

You can sign up for their monthly newsletter for ongoing resources.

Celebrating Inclusive Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

For educators: includes lesson plans on inclusive ways to celebrate parents’ who are LGBTQ2+ on Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day

Curriculum, LGBTQ Holidays & Events, LGBTQ ParentsPrimary Elementary, Junior Elementary, Senior Elementary

Good selection of alternate resources to assist students with LGBTQ2+ parents

Challenging Homophobia in Schools: A Handbook for Educators

From the Pride Education Network BC – 2004. An excellent resource for practical lesson plans for students from K-12, as well as a rationale on why schools need to teach about sexual orientation.

Activities, Anti-Homophobia, Bullying, GSAs, Heterosexism, HomophobiaAll Grades

Also contains a comprehensive background section on homophobia and heterosexism and supporting students by starting a gay-straight alliance.

Creating an inclusive LGBT Inclusion Curriculum – A Guide for Secondary Schools

This guide will show you how you can easily and naturally integrate LGBT issues throughout your curriculum. It provides tips, prompts and lesson ideas that can be incorporated into existing schemes of work.

Curriculum, TeachersSecondary

The resource is UK focused but has helpful examples for all subjects including, English, math, science, drama, geography, music, religious education and history.

Creating Gender Inclusive Schools

A new American film, directed by award-winning filmmaker Jonathan Skurnik of The Youth and Gender Media Project, takes you into the heart of our work with elementary schools.

Gender Identity, School Administrators, TeachersAll Grades

Ideal for classrooms, parents, school administrators and teachers.

Creating Inclusive Environment for Trans Participants in Canadian Sports

A helpful resource for Canadian Sports Organizations, which includes 101 information, a focus on practice and policy, key issues and considerations and detailed guidance regarding best practices.

LGBTQ Policy, LGBTQ Sports, Manuals, Teachers, Trans YouthSecondary

This document outlines the Expert Working Group’s policy and practice recommendations, and is being made available to Canadian sport organizations to help in their work towards making their sport more inclusive.

Diverse Lesson Plans For Your School

The Human Rights Campaign created Welcoming School Lesson plans that are focused on elementary and middle schools to create inclusivity. Lesson plans include embracing family diversity, understanding transgender and non-binary children and bullying prevention.

Curriculum, Lesson Plans, TeachersPrimary Elementary, Junior Elementary, Senior Elementary

They also have a great list of books for elementary and middle school readers.

Early Learning about LGBT People

Students will partner up and facilitator will ask questions and students’ should try to think of specific events or experiences and discuss with partner.

Activities, LGBTQ ExperiencesSecondary

Allows students to question attitudes and assumptions about LGBT people

ETFO Positive Space Take Action Kit

Includes 10 ways educators can create a safe, supportive school environment for all students.

LGBTQ Resources, Safe Spaces, School Administrators, TeachersAll Grades

This positive action kit provides a list of ETFO resources on LGBT education, as well as other links to get you started.

Every Class in Every School

A final report on the first national climate survey on Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in Canadian Schools Executive Summary.

LGBTQ Resources, School Administrators, TeachersAll Grades

A great report on the current climate of schools in Canada

Flamingo Rampant

Flamingo Rampant is a local Ontario book press that creates feminist racially diverse and LGBTQ2+ positive children’s books.

LGBTQ Fiction, LGBTQ Picture Books, LGBTQ YouthPrimary Elementary, Junior Elementary

They are great resource for any library or teacher looking to expand their resources

GLSEN Safe Space Kit

A Guide to Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students in Your School

Curriculum, GLSEN, LGBTQ Public Education, School Administrators, TeachersAll Grades

Learn to support students in a school environment

Grand River Rainbow Historical Project

This a local project that archived local LGBTQ2+ history

LGBTQ HistorySecondary, Senior Elementary

Would be great for a local history project!

I’m from Driftwood: The LGBTQ Story Archive

This project collected true stories from all over the world to help individuals feel connected and break down barriers.

LGBTQ Experiences, LGBTQ History, Trans ExperiencesSecondary, Senior Elementary

Includes hundreds of written stories and videos.

LGBT Role Models and Allies

Revel & Riot promotes LGBT rights, awareness and equality through new media and online graphics and writing. This section of the website contains inspiring mini-reviews of LGBT heroes, heroines, role models and allies throughout history.

Activism, LGBTQ HistoryAll Grades

The list is very Western-centric.

LGBT Youth Resources

From the American Psychological Association. Includes fact sheets, best practices and other resources for supporting LGBT and questioning youth. The recommendations and resources are to support implementation by education professionals and policymakers.

Public Schools, School Administrators, TeachersAll Grades

Some policies are based on laws from the USA. The resources are organized around the recommendations of the Resolution on Gender and Sexual Orientation Diversity in Children and Adolescents in Schools the joint resolution adopted by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).

LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum

This broad, inclusive curriculum mainly includes history. LGBT students see themselves reflected in academic lessons.

LGBTQ History, LGBTQ Issues in EducationSecondary, Senior Elementary

Create opportunities for students to gain a more complex and authentic understanding of the world around them.

My GSA Equity and Inclusion Education Resource Kit for Ontario High Schools

This a comprehensive resource that can help your school rock its GSA (like doing a school climate review) and has ideas in Appendix N on how to include LGBTQ2+ topics in Drama, English, Family Studies, History, Math & Science and Media Arts.

Activities, GSAsSecondary

It includes list of books and films that will encourage discussion.


This website tracks daily, weekly and all times that amount of homophobic language is used in Tweets.

Homophobia, Language, Name CallingAll Grades

This could be a useful activity for students to understand how homophobia is a problem on social media.

One of Them

This is an NFB 25 minute film that features high school seniors discovering and battling against homophobic discrimination and stereotypes in their own schools.

Bullying, HomophobiaSecondary

The dramatization prompts viewers to examine their own responses and promote a safe school environment for all.

Pride Education Network Resources

Has resources, lesson plans, etc. for educators and youth in response to LGBTQ2+ issues

LGBTQ Resources, School Administrators, TeachersAll Grades

Resources like lesson plans help with how to deal with problems like bullying

Pride Understanding

Pride understanding is a communication tool designed to start a conversation to increase Gender Diversity Literacy.

Gender Identity, LGBTQ Resources, TeachersAll Grades

Includes a series of stories that help create a safe environment to ask questions, start a discussion to increase empathy, understanding and decrease stigma.

Put This On the Map

This is a 35 minute documentary made by LGBTQ2+ youth in Seattle who were sick of being left out of their school curriculum and lacking day to day visibility. It was created as a community-based tool for education on gender & sexual diversity.

Curriculum, Gender Identity, LGBTQ Youth, Sexual OrientationSecondary

They also have a free short video about the need to reteach gender and sexuality which is helpful discussion tool.

Queer Canadian History Timeline

This is a brief timeline that covers Canadian LGBTQ2+ History from Pre Colonization to Present from the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity

LGBTQ HistorySecondary

Great for a history project.

Red: A Crayon’s Story

Students will read Red: A Crayon’s Story and discuss. Then they will create a personal identity by creating a personal crayon with the writing prompt “There’s More To Me Than You Can See.”

Activities, Gender IdentityPrimary Elementary

Discusses the complexity of gender identity and expression. Students will begin to understand that we cannot know someone based on their appearance—we are all complex people with many identities.

Respectful Schools – Online Toolkit

A toolkit developed for Alberta K-12 teachers, school administers and staff to have conversations about Human Rights and create connected communities. This includes great Q&A and Glossary of concepts and terms, with a section on LGBTQ2+ students.

School Administrators, Secondary Schools, TeachersSecondary

This report may be more accessible to staff but has a classroom resources section as well.

Safe and Caring Schools for Two Spirit Youth

A comprehensive guide for teachers and students on Two Spirit people created by The Society for Safe & Caring Schools & Communities in Alberta.

LGBTQ Resources, Two SpiritedSecondary

The information is Alberta-based, but provides ways to support Two Spirit youth in your school and community.

SOGI 123

Professional development resources including short five-minute educational videos.

Gender Identity, School Administrators, Sexual Orientation, TeachersAll Grades

An Alberta and BC based site but with resources applicable across the country.

Student and Gender Identity – A Toolkit for Schools

Includes advice on how to communicate with parents and other staff members, a comprehensive glossary and advice on how to create an inclusive classroom for transgender students.

Curriculum, Gender Identity, School Administrators, TeachersSecondary

This toolkit is American from the University of Southern California, but has a lot of useful resources for teachers.

Teachers Pay Teachers: LGBTQ2+ Resources

Resources and books that educators can purchase for incorporating LGBTQ2+ content into curriculum

LGBTQ Experiences, LGBTQ Resources, TeachersAll Grades

This site has access to over 100 results, but they are only available at a fee.

The Diversity ToolKit

The Diversity toolkit is a projected lead by the University of Calgary to create resources to assist teachers to promote equity and acceptance of differences within their schools.

LGBTQ Resources, School Administrators, TeachersSecondary

This website has a wide variety of resources, only some of them focus on LGTBQ2+ issues.

The Every Teacher Project: Recommendations Toolkit

This Toolkit is a guide to support the implementation of the Every Teacher Project recommendations for all levels of the school system. It has been developed for use by teachers, teacher organizations, and others wanting to support the development of LGBTQ-inclusive schools.

Curriculum, School Administrators, TeachersAll Grades

Advice and recommendations for school systems covering LGBTQ recommendations, resources, advice, etc. from University of Winnipeg.

The Fruit Machine Documentary

The Fruit Machine is a new documentary that explores Canada dark and homophobic past during Canada military and public service “gay purge”. Please note they discuss homophobia, transphobia and sexual violence in the documentary.

Activism, Homophobia, Human Rights, LGBTQ HistorySecondary

This is helpful tool to talk about the importance of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s hisotric apology to the Canadian LGBTQ2+ community.

The Gender Spectrum

Information for educators about gender, sexuality, educational leadership and lesson plans for different grade levels

Gender Identity, LGBTQ Resources, Sexual Orientation, TeachersAll Grades

Excellent, very informative, based out of Vancouver, BC

The Genderbread Person

This is a great first resource for educators when explaining gender/sex to students.

Gender Identity, Sexual OrientationAll Grades

The strength of this tool is its visual explanation of the differences between gender identity, and sexuality.

The Outlook Study

The Outlook Study is a Waterloo Regional specific study that explores local LGBTQ2+ folks experiences, including levels of harassment, outness, and health care experiences.

LGBTQ Experiences, LGBTQ Health, LGBTQ Resources, Trans Experiences, Trans HealthAll Grades

It a useful education tool for educators or for a local history assignment.

The Rainbow Owl

Welcome to The Rainbow Owl, a website that documents the growing international body of literature and resources that focus on trans and gender diverse young people, their families, and those who support them.

Gender Identity, LGBTQ Resources, Trans Experiences, TransgenderSecondary

It has a number of resources for educators, schools and much more.

Trans Student Educational Resources

A great resource by transgender youth for transgender  youth. They have a number of great infographics and posters that would be helpful in the classroom.  This includes the Gender Unicorn, a great tool to talk about gender and sexuality.

Trans Experiences, Trans Youth, TransgenderSecondary

Some resources are available in multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, French, Turkish and Hungarian.

Two Spirit Injunuity

A short engaging video for students to learn about what being Two Spirit means from a First Nations Perspective.

LGBTQ Experiences, Two SpiritedSecondary

A short engaging video for students to learn about what being Two Spirit means from a First Nations Perspective.

You Can Play Project

The You Can Play Project is dedicated to ensure equality, respect and safety for all athletes without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity.  This could be a great resource for health or gym class to talk about how to create inclusive spaces.

LGBTQ Resources, LGBTQ SportsSecondary

The website comes with informative videos from high schools across the States and a toolkit that includes LGBTQ Inclusion 101 and a pledge to support all athletes.

You Inside Youth Project

Sam is a toy created by Gender Creative Kids Canada to teach people about transgender identity. Sam comes with an e book and a dramatized video both in English and French.

Trans Experiences, Trans YouthAll Grades

This video is age appropriate for all grades and a great introduction to talking about Transgender people.