Personal Stories

Sarah Campbell, Age 18, Lesbian

I am an openly gay individual in my present high school and I cannot tell you how much I love it!

Basically, I have known that I was different throughout my childhood and just recently, in the last six months that I have been introduced to the gay community. I play rugby for a club in Fergus; the team consists of university women and post-graduates. In July, I only knew of one gay couple that was on the team, but by the end of the summer there were more gay people on the team than straight. So you can imagine that it was a very exciting and overwhelming summer for myself, who was not out.

The whole team knew I was gay but did not assume it, because they wanted me to be comfortable enough to tell them myself. Finally, in the last week of August I came out to a teammate that now has become a very special friend. She was the first person that told until I came out to my Mother then close school friends. I will admit that coming out to my mother was not the easiest thing to do, but she has taken it the best way possible and I know she will get more comfortable with it as time goes by. However, I was not always optimistic about myself, because I was only out to my mother and a few friends. In October I had a rough go, I ended up depressed and inflicted self pain. The only one I could talk to and show was the teammate I came out to and let me tell you she was at the moment the only person that I trusted and would openly talk to.

After a rough month, the teammate I came out to became the person that I bonded with for the past six months, we were together every day, sometimes twice a day. She helped me come out to my family and make me realize that the LGBT community is a gift and is an awesome community to be a part of and I should be proud. She left two weeks ago for Korea and will be absent for two years, I’m planning on saving my money and visiting her this summer because, the friendship we made is sacred and I hope I will never lose it.

Today, my whole school knows I am openly gay and I have not yet run into trouble and I truly believe I won’t. I think that because I am open about it people around me see that I am strong and comfortable about myself, so they have no reason to hurt me. It’s not only other people who can hurt yourself, I hurt myself more than others did because I was feeling unaccepted, but I discovered through others and life that you are who you are and that is what makes you beautiful. I truly believe that being out was the best thing for me and I wear a rainbow bracelet everywhere, to show that I am proud of who I am and I will not let myself or anyone bring me down.