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Families in TRANSition

Families in TRANSition is an educational group designed for parents/caregivers of transgender/non-binary/gender-questioning youth between the ages of 5-17.

Families in TRANSition 

Families in TRANSition runs in the Spring and Fall. Registration is required and ongoing.

The Fall 2024 FIT group takes place Mondays from 5:30-7:30 and runs from Sept 30 – Dec 9, 2024.

Families in TRANSition is a 10-week educational group designed to for parents and caregivers of transgender/non-binary/gender-questioning youth between the ages of 5-17. (Caregivers can include biological parents, foster parents, stepparents, legal guardians, and informal caregivers such as grandparents, godparents, and extended family so long as they are part of the young person’s everyday life).

The FIT group provides caregivers with information about gender identity, strategies for improving communication and connection with transgender/gender questioning young people, and general support in parenting a trans/gender-questioning youth. This group is not psychotherapy; it is educational and not meant to treat any mental health issues.

We ask that participants commit to coming to all the sessions.

Our Families in TRANSition (FIT) Program is a 10-week group with Spring and Fall sessions.

Sessions will take place in-person at 480 Charles St E, Kitchener, ON N2G 4K5 (Camino Wellbeing + Mental Health building).

This program has a limit on the number of participants. Once registration is full, applicants will be added to a waitlist for consideration for future groups. Applicants selected to participate in the Families in TRANSition program will be notified by email prior to the start date.

Please register here

Download the group flyer here

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About Families in TRANSition

The Families in TRANSition program was started by Central Toronto Youth Services (CTYS) to align with what research was showing us: that strong parental support can make an immeasurably positive impact on the health and mental health of youth.

From deep thoughtful and emergent clinical modalities, grounded community knowledge, and dedicated resource development, came the Families in TRANSition program. With its unique blend of trauma-informed, relational, and gender-affirming principles, FIT has supported hundreds of families to strengthen and bolster relationships between youth and the significant adults around them, particularly in times of identity exploration and gender transition.

FIT has been a funded program of PHAC’s Mental Health Promotion and Innovation Fund, and in 2022, CTYS received Phase 2 funding to scale up the program through partnering with agencies across the country.  The hope is that this work with families will continue to support increased positive mental health outcomes for a wide range of youth, and also be part of larger progressive, social and political changes over time.

OK2BME is one of the agencies to be providing its own Families in TRANSition program.


Here are what some of the group participants of the Central Toronto Youth Services (CTYS) Families in TRANSition program had to say…

“As the group progressed I just felt a little more on solid ground. The more we learned…and opened up new perspectives, I felt a bit more confident and that helped when I was talking to my son. So when I’m face-to-face with him, I feel better about asking him what’s happening because I’m gaining confidence and feel perhaps I can be of assistance.”

“Over the course of the group I noticed changes in my behaviour and my language… But I noticed changes in my kid as well. They are telling me a bit more…and we have moved through some of the [social transition] steps together. I think me coming to the group helped them feel more confident to come out.”

“I feel like I’m more of an advocate for my child whereas before I didn’t know where it was appropriate to step in and [where it] was appropriate to be respectful, allowing my child to take the lead. But this whole process has opened up communication between us.”

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