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Out in Schools: GSA Support

Looking to start a GSA Gender-Sexuality Alliance) at your school?

OK2BME provides training workshops to schools to help you get started. Training can be provided to administration and staff to set the strategic groundwork for a GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance, previously known as Gay-Straight Alliance) by creating cultural competency, or training can be geared to towards the students themselves, providing the school population with a base of knowledge about 2SLGBTQIA+ issues from which to grow their GSA. Each school is different and our Public Educator is happy to meet with you to tailor training to your school’s needs.

GSAs are school clubs that provide a safe space for 2SLGBTIA2+ people and allies. Many Waterloo Region schools already have GSAs. In other schools, students are trying to set them up. GSAs are a great way to improve the school environment for all students. They help 2SLGBTQIA+ youth to find safety and security at school and promote celebration of diversity within the general student population.

OK2BME has been recognized as a leader in providing GSA support. We worked with researchers at Wilfrid Laurier University to study the efficacy of GSA supports in Waterloo Region and published an academic article about best practices in the Journal of LGBT youth. You can read more about our research findings here. We have also translated these findings in a more accessible report entitled Gay-Straight Alliances: Making Schools Safer for Everyone, which you can read here.

We would be happy to work with you and your school to set up a GSA. OK2BME has resources and information that might be helpful. Contact us for more info.


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