Personal Stories

Shelby Dreesen, Age 15, Lesbian

So one day I’m sitting in class (I was in grade four at the time) looking at girls thinking they’re kinda cute. I keep thinking about the girls when I get home, saying to myself okay this is confusing. For a while I always thought I was straight, but I could never keep my eyes off girls. I’m thinking what the heck is wrong with me? Then came grade six, I figured it out. I was attracted to girls. Big deal, I didn’t know if I was a full out lesbian or if I had an attraction to both sexes. My friends thought it was wrong, and I didn’t think my family would accept me so I kept to myself about it.

I fell in love, grade 8. Her name was Alexia. I was fairly attracted to her, and I didn’t know her very well so I hung out with her and got to know her. That’s when I realised okay I’m falling in love. So I told her, and I found out she liked me too.

When I got home from when we were hanging out the one day, I asked my sister the question I’ve dreaded to ask. “What would you think if I was attracted to girls?”

It just kinda popped out of my mouth, and sure enough I got a response. I didn’t think it would be fairly well. My sister simply said “I have a gay friend, a couple actually so I wouldn’t care.”

I didn’t realise this so I engaged her in the biggest hug I have ever given.

How my mother and father found out, well when Alexia and I started dating, I kissed her slightly in front of my parents before she left to go home. They just looked at each other as in huh what just happened.

So later on I tell my mom I’m dating Alexia. She just chuckles and says “Well I always knew there was something different about you.”

She lets me know that she doesn’t mind me dating a girl and she asked me why didn’t I tell her sooner?

I tell her it’s because I didn’t know what she would say.

She asks, “Are you two in love?”

I tell her a definite yes. Yes we are.

She then tells me the most heartwarming statement I have ever received. “Well if you love her, and she loves you, then you shouldn’t care what other people’s reactions are. Some may be horrified, some may be accepting, but if you are in love, then stay together no matter what people think. It’s your life not theirs and you should do what you want to do with it, not what others want you to do with it.”

From then on, I slowly started coming out. It was easy coming out because of such supportive friends and family.

Alexia and I broke up because of a terrible fight that happened sometime ago, but if I wouldn’t have met her, I don’t think I’d have been the person I am today.