Personal Stories

Tori, Age 16, Bisexual

So it all started back in grade seven, I never really thought much of it but realized I was taking interest in both genders. I had told my best friend realizing she was bi as well and she accepted me with open arms. Until elementary school was finished I didn’t think much of it but when high school hit it was getting hard.

My core group of friends all knew and were accepting of me as a person not my sexuality. Things happened in grades nine and ten but I still wasn’t sure who I wanted to be with. This year in my grade eleven year I met this girl through an ex boyfriend. I had never dated a girl before just had “a thing” and I wasn’t really sure how it would all play out to my family. So I decided I was happy with myself I was gonna take the chance and I asked this girl out.

I realized if you’re honest about your sexuality people will love you for you and if they don’t they’re not worth being in your life. So I haven’t really been talking to my mom since life has been rough with her, but I told my dad and stepmom about me being bi and that I’m dating a girl they somewhat accepted it but my dad is still having a hard time. I have told him several times she is my girlfriend and he refers to her as my buddy.

I now just live my life, I’m dating an amazing girl and if people stare at me or don’t accept it that’s their choice. But I’m happy and to me that’s what matters. Her family already knew about her so that wasn’t a big deal. We hangout almost every weekend and just make jokes about people giving us stares or looking at us like we’re crazy. As for my family, as more find out if they don’t accept me I guess that’s their choice.

Everyone is made to be who they are and the world should accept it. If “god” didn’t want things to be this way he wouldn’t have created people this way. So just respect yourself and don’t let anyone get you down, that’s what I learned and I’m really happy now and I’m glad I let it out and took the risk.