We Love Supporting Local GSAs!, by Scott Williams

We love supporting local GSAs!


What’s a GSA, you ask? It stands for Gay-Straight Alliance, or sometimes Gender and Sexuality Awareness. GSAs are clubs that students can request in their schools. They provide a safe space for LGBTQ2+ students and their allies to get together for discussions, event-planning, and recreation.

There are over 40 GSAs in Waterloo Region District School Board schools now, and GSAs in Waterloo Catholic School Board schools!

We wanted to take a moment just to appreciate the awesomeness of GSAs and share a couple of projects some GSAs have been working on!


Here’s a project from the Woodland Park PS GSA:


And here’s one from the GSA at Huron Heights SS:


Back in November, we were proud to help start a GSA at Howard Robertson PS!


If your GSA is looking for things to do, read our post: 11 Things Your School’s GSA Can Do!

If you’re a student or teacher looking to start a GSA at your school, we can help! Take a look at our Out in Schools: GSA Support page.

And if you are a GSA leader in Waterloo Region, nominations are now open for our 2019 GSA Student Leadership award. Nominate your student today! We have three different awards available for grade 7-12 students. Award winners will receive a $500 scholarship!

If you’re not convinced that GSAs make a difference, read our published research on the Success of GSAs in Waterloo Region.

Finally, if you have artwork or stories from your GSA that you’d like to share on our site, please let us know!