Youth Group Announcement, by Wash Silk

Dear OK2BME Youth Group Participants, Fans and Allies,

We would like to announce that the next OK2BME Youth Group will be on December 19th for our Holiday Party! It will be an epic party and we hope to see everyone come. Our recreation groups previously scheduled for Nov 21st and December 5th have been cancelled. The OK2BME Youth Leadership Group will still meet on November 21st and December 5th.

We know you may have some questions so we have prepared a short Q&A about this announcement.


OK2BME Youth Group Announcement Q&A

Question: Hey I thought there were two more groups before the holiday party, what happened to those?

Answer: Good question! As you may have noticed we have had an amazing abundance of young people attending and awesome energy in the group. In the last year we have gone from having 10-15 youth regularly come, to over 30 each group.  That is a lot of young people! We love it and we want to make sure we are doing our very best to serve everyone. We are taking this time between now and December 19th to do some visioning about how we can make the OK2BME 2018 recreational group even better than ever!


Question: Okay, that makes sense but I was looking forward to talking with other youth about the Trans Day of Remembrance, is there another place I could go to honour Trans Day of Remembrance in our community?

Answer: Yes, there are some community events we would like to direct you towards to connect with other LGBTQ+ folks to honour the Trans Day of Remembrance:

  • Sunday Nov. 19th: 11am to 4pm: closed healing space for any person who identifies as non-cisgender. Crafts, games, coffee, snacks, and chill hang outs during this time at Treehaus (79 Joseph St., Kitchener). Bus tickets and childcare available.
  • Sunday Nov. 19th: 5pm to 7pm: open mic and poetry event featuring local trans, non-binary, and non-cis folks with KWPS at Open Sesame (220 King S. W., Kitchener). Open to any community member to attend. Bus tickets and childcare available upon request. SEEKING ARTISTS!
  • Monday Nov. 20th: 6pm to 8pm: community vigil for Transgender Day of Remembrance 2017 at Fresh Ground (256 King St. E., Kitchener). Open to any community member to attend. Bus tickets and childcare available. Cafe will be open.


Question: When will I hear about the changes for the 2018 OK2BME group?

Answer: We hope to share information with you at the December 19th Holiday party.


Question: Can I show up for group anyway?

Answer: No, the recreational group will not be meeting on November 21st or December 5th – but you should come on the 19th for our EPIC Christmas party! The Youth Leadership Group will still meet on November 21st and December 5th.


Question: What other things are there for me to do in the community?

Answer: Great question, you can check out SPECTRUM’s Community Calendar for ideas about what to do around town.


Question: Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Answer: You can get in touch with the OK2BME Program Coordinator, Washington Silk at or 519.884.0000 x213 if you have any more questions they would be happy to answer them.